Our Story

From Mother to daughter…

In 1986 Adria, a housewife sold her first chocolate cake at her Family Store. With her parents support she began baking cakes regularly from her kitchen using a small kerosene oven. From these humble beginnings began Adria’s Cakes which upon her retirement in 2016 was a fully-fledged Bakery/Cake shop with 6 employees which catered to people’s everyday needs, custom birthday and wedding cakes for special occasions.

She handed over the reins to her daughter Natashia, a second generationer who grew up in the store and knew the making of every item in the bakery.  She was passionate about providing quality cakes at affordable prices and working with her family. Coming from a family of bakers, she learned how to fall without dropping a cake before she knew her 3 times table. Growing up in a Cake shop she naturally developed her baking and decorating skills helping her mother.

After finishing university she baked cupcakes on the side while working as a food safety auditor for a local brewery, in order to make some extra cash, In 2012 she began selling cupcakes from a table in front of her husband’s upholstery business facing Pinatis Resturant car-park. By 2013, she was running a morning cupcake delivery service, eventually supplying over 10 local stores, 7 days a week. As her business grew she needed to separate her home baking from her home life, together with her husband Delicious Cakes Samoa opened its doors from its Malifa location. In 2016  Delicious Cakes re-located to Lotopa/Lepea taking over Adrias Cakes bakery location when her mother retired.

Delicious Cakes
Bakery In Apia Samoa
The daughter Luana, is the next generation baker at Delicious Cakes...

Our Vision & Mission

Samoa is founded on God ….and Family. In today’s modern world, “e le’o iai se pito o le lalolani e le’i o’o ai se tama po’o se tuafafine mai Samoa”  Our vision is to be Samoas Leading Cakeshop by creating internationally accessible bakery and providing the service for those sons & daughters, Mothers & Fathers, Sisters & Brothers working hard overseas wanting to gift something special to their family back home in Samoa.


Our mission is to provide a vast array of fresh and delicious cookies, cakes and desserts each and everyday. Each customer that purchases one of our delicious cupcakes, or orders a special birthday or wedding cake from us contributes to the overall success of Delicious Cakes.   We will never compromise our product quality or family values. We work hard to insure that each customer has an Delicious experience that will keep them coming back for more. To make this accessible in just a few clicks for all our overseas customers.To provide the best cakes at competitive prices, while creating an atmosphere that promotes friendly and personalized customer service and fosters employee pride in the workplace.

All You Need Is Love And Cake...

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