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With so many unique designs and new flavours being created all the time, it can become overwhelming to know what style of wedding cake you want for your wedding! Here are some points to consider when choosing the right cake for your big day.

Consider the flavours you like

The first step to take when choosing your wedding cake is to determine what type and flavour you and your partner would like to have. While tradition suggests fruit cake or a mud cake variety, many modern couples opt for all sorts of flavours from vanilla, to caramel or white chocolate. However, for couples who don’t have a sweet tooth, there are other options that maybe are more to their liking.

Consider if there are any flavours that are special to you and your partner, for example maybe you shared a slice of chocolate cake on your first date? If, there is nothing in particular that you are both fond of it is possible to have a different flavour for each tier. It is also wise to consider if you have any allergies or an intolerance to ingredients such as gluten, as well as what flavours will be a popular among your guests.

Have a discussion with us about what your overall needs are and we will guide you in what flavours are best. For example, if you require a cake that is five-tiers high, you might be restricted to denser cake flavours like chocolate mud, as it will withstand the weight and height of the design best.

Don’t forget to taste the flavours before you make your selection. This is the best part of the process and one that your partner will no doubt enjoy being a part of too!

Know your wedding theme and style

The best way to determine the appearance and design of your wedding cake is to consider your wedding theme, style and colour schemes. For example, if you are having a rustic themed wedding then a semi-naked cake would perfectly suit the aesthetics of your wedding.

If you are having a traditional wedding, perhaps a classic white cake with minimal embellishment would best suit the style of your day. Or, if you are taking a more contemporary route it’s a good opportunity to get creative with the colour choices and design of your cake. There are so many possibilities and so many talented cake makers!

It is a good idea to create a wedding mood board of your wedding style which includes reference images of different cake styles you like. This way you can provide us with a visual reference of the look, feel and theme you are going for.

Number of guests

If you are having 200 guests, you may need to consider a cake that is three to four-tiers high plus many additional single cakes, whereas, if you are having 90 guests or less one or two-tier would suffice, (depending on the size of the tier.) The size of your wedding cake also depends on if you would like to serve coffee or dessert portions at your wedding. Dessert portions are large slices of cake which are typically served individually on a plate with fresh cream or ice cream and is not accompanied by other desserts.

A coffee portion, on the other hand, is a much smaller slice, and often multiple slices are served on a platter and placed in the middle of each guest table. Coffee portions are accompanied by other desserts, as well as tea and coffee.

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